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Sausage and The Law

Posted on January 2, 2015 with 0 comments

Yes, I know... the two things one should never see being made.

However, I must disagree.  You see, I have to serve pork, greens, and black-eyed peas every year on New Year's Day...

What can I say, I'm married to a Southerner...

What I usually do is:  sausage biscuits for breakfast, and then greens, black-eyed peas and cornbread for dinner.  We were on Arthur Avenue a few days ago, and I saw a gorgeous 3-pound Boston butt (no comments... it's pork!!!) on sale for $2.87 a pound.  The sausage we love is $4.95 a pound!  Therefore, I saw sausage-making in my future.

I boned out the roast, cut the meat and fat into small (1/2 inch) cubes, and added

2 t rubbed dried sage

1 t red pepper flakes

1 T finely minced fresh sage

1 t brown sugar

1 1/2 T kosher salt... yes, really

1-2 t fresh ground black pepper

I then tossed it and chilled it for an hour.

Then I ground it with the fine blade...


Chilled it again, and ground it a second time...

I cooked a small bit and tasted for seasoning...  Spectacular!

You can freeze this sausage for three or four months, or refrigerate it for up to four days.

This will spoil you forever.  Store-bought sausage just won't ever make it again!  It's really easy, and you control what goes into it.  Try it - you'll be so glad you did.

BUT...  In order to see a picture of the cooked sausage, you'll have to take a look at the finished product on the plate as part of our traditional New Year's Day meal!  Coming soon!